Thursday, May 22, 2014

Spell Up by Google... New Online Game

Charlotte SQL - Lake Norman Style at SQL Sentry

Charlotte SQL at SQL Sentry in Huntersville
Many thanks to Grant Frichey (Red Gate), Tek Systems, and SQL Sentry for sponsoring this event.  Visit Charlotte SQL to learn more about future events.  SQL Sentry has a cool facility.  :)

SQL Cruise

Interesting location
to learn SQL

Gartner's Feburary 2014 View of BI Tools - Challengers / Leaders / Niche Players / Visionaries

Notice that Microsoft Excel is listed in the 'Leaders' quadrant.  It is a reflection of SQL and Excel's Power BI stack now... and outlook for the future.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Charlotte SQL - Continuous Integration

Charlotte SQL Server User Group Meeting

Grant Fritchey, Red Gate Software - presented SQL continuous integration tonight at Microsoft Charlotte office.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Open Internet, Internet Neutrality, and the FCC

At tonight's CBIG meeting I presented the topics that included 1) FCC should uphold 'Internet Neutrality' and 2) FCC and the 'Open Internet.'

May 15th, the FCC will consider a proposal for internet service providers (ISPs) to allow 'fast lanes' for those who pay for it.

But wait.  The internet has been free and generally equal to all.  What precedence could this make?  Would this stifle innovation?  Does the mean that 5 years down the road the BI files collaborated through the cloud are 'slow lane' material?

Let the FCC and Chairman Tom Wheeler know you want 'Open Internet' to continue.  At a minimum, voice your opinion by emailing .