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President Obama's Interviews on YouTube

Today President Obama was interviewed by 3 very talented YouTube 'content marketers'
  1. Hank Green
  2. GloZell Green
  3. Bethany Mota
Google Trend data presented to President Obama

And, congratulations to Google for show casing Google Trend data from the president's State of the Union address.  

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37% of SMBs plan to spend more on internet marketing in 2015

How does your small business's marketing budget compare?

size of company vs marketing budget

Top Stats from the survey:

  • 37% to spend more on internet marketing in 2015
  • 32% say internet marketing is 'very effective'
  • 50% spend less than $300/m on internet marketing
  • Phone calls are the most valued success metric
  • 64% handle their internet marketing in-house
  • 35% are contacted every day by SEO agencies

5 Major Trends That Will Impact Small And Medium Businesses in 2015

  1. The Cloud is for Everybody
  2. Social Media Mainstream
  3. Wearable Technology moves Beyond Mobile Devices
  4. Decisions are Increasingly Data Driven
  5. Employee Friendly Legislation Ups the Ante for Compliance

"affordable automated solutions that can benefit small businesses as well as large enterprises.

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Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, AOL: grading their iOS apps in 2014

I have become user silo-ed with apps dependent my device (using Apple apps on my mobile devices vs Google/Microsoft on my desktop).  

Admittingly, it is refreshing to see Yahoo and AOL apps in the picture too. App competition is good for the consumer!

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Google Chrome: the Best Free Software from 2014

"As a free browser that runs and syncs across all major platforms – both PC and mobile – Chrome is class leading."

Best free software of 2014: Google Chrome

Google Drive vs Apple iWorks – The iPad Owners Need The Best Productivity Suite

Learn on the free Google Drive suite; then, purchase Apple iWorks if you want more.

Skype Vs Hangouts – Best Of Video Conferencing


"One thing that these two video-conferencing apps have to be given credit for, is that they are easy to use and work perfectly when making calls and chatting. However, if you want to enjoy more free services Google is the app to go for, whereas those who wish to enjoy more features at a cost can opt for Skype."

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Business Tablet Buying Guide: 2015 Edition

technology, tablets, business tablet buying guide, tips

Most important... the iPad has the benefit of economies of scalability!

50 Big Ideas, Predictions and Trends for Small Business in 2015

2015 will be a great year for small businesses.

Big Ideas, Predictions, Trends include:

  • Getting serious about digital marketing including You Tube
  • Flexible and effective online strategies
  • Software that comes with support in the form of consultants
  • Upgrades to payment equipment including Apple Pay
  • Transitions to cloud - moving away from their own servers
  • Regular content postings with substance that will help SEO and the their web strategy
  • User-friendly mobile optimized websites
  • Internet security - BYOD policy and procedure

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Seven Tips To Get The Most From Your New iPad

Received a new iPad during the Holidays?  Here are some tips to take the next steps.  Also, visit with your local Apple store, community college to take iPad classes, or local trainer - in Asheville, NC.

Apple's iPad Air 2 (image: Ewan Spence)

7 Trends That Impact Small Business Growth in 2015

Growth trends:
  1. Social media is here to stay
  2. Millennials have spending power
  3. LinkedIn is a dominate resource
  4. 2015 is a year of marketing growth 
  5. Content does rule the market, includes video
  6. New way of working in the cloud
  7. Data for analytics

9 free iPhone apps you must download first

Suggestion of 9 free iPhone apps if you got a new phone for the holidays.

9 free iPhone apps you must download first

I also like the 3 Google apps listed below.
  1. Amazon Kindle
  2. Dropbox
  3. Vine
  4. Viber (although I personally have integrated success with Google Voice)
  5. WhatsApp
  6. Instagram
  7. Google Maps
  8. Chrome
  9. Feedly