Monday, June 27, 2016

Hillary Clinton’s Initiative on Technology & Innovation

An outline I'm very proud to see:

  • Invest in Computer Science and STEM Education
  • Provide Every Student in America an Opportunity to Learn Computer Science
  • Engage the Private Sector and Nonprofits to Train up to 50,000 Computer Science Teachers in the Next Decade
  • Other STEM Investments
  • Build the Human Talent Pipeline for 21st Century Jobs
  • Open up the Higher Education and Job Training Landscape
  • Reboot Job Training Around Industry Needs and Job Credentials
  • Diversify the Tech Workforce
  • Increase Access to Capital for Growth-Oriented Small Businesses and Start-Ups, with a Focus on Minority, Women, and Young Entrepreneurs
  • Build Local Tech-Driven Economies by Investing in Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses
  • Defer Student Loans to Help Young Entrepreneurs
  • Attract and Retain the Top Talent from Around the World
  • Invest in Science and Technology R&D and Make Tech Transfer Easier
  • Ensure Benefits are Flexible, Portable, and Comprehensive as Work Changes

  • Close the Digital Divide
  • Launch a “Model Digital Communities” Grant Program
  • Reduce regulatory barriers to the private provision of broadband services
  • Coordinate the development of broadband infrastructure with other municipal services
  • Develop public-private partnerships for broadband
  • Connect More Anchor Institutions to High-Speed Internet
  • Deploy 5G Wireless and Next Generation Wireless Systems
  • Reallocate and Repurpose Spectrum for Next Generation Uses
  • Foster a Civic Internet of Things through Public Investments

  • Fight for an Open Internet Abroad
  • Promote Multi-Stakeholder Internet Governance
  • Grow American Technology Exports
  • Promote Cyber-Security at Home and Abroad
  • Safeguard the Free Flow of Information Across Borders
  • Update Procedures Concerning Cross-Border Requests for Data by Law Enforcement


  • Reduce Barriers to Entry and Promote Healthy Competition
  • Appoint a Chief Innovation Advisor to Reduce Federal Regulatory Barriers
  • Encourage States and Localities to Reduce Barriers to Entry
  • Empower Federal Enforcement Authorities to Promote Competition
  • Defend Net Neutrality
  • Improve the Patent System to Reward Innovators
  • Reduce Excessive Patent Litigation
  • Strengthen the PTO’s Operational Capacity
  • Effective Copyright Policy
  • Commercial Data Privacy
  • Protect Online Privacy as well as Security

  • Make Government Simpler and More User Friendly
  • Make Digital Services a Permanent Priority for Federal Agencies
  • Transform the Top 25 citizen-facing Government Services
  • Eliminate Internal Barriers to Government Modernization
  • Use the Best and Most Cost Effective Technology
  • Open up More Government Data for Public Uses
  • Harden Federal Networks to Improve Cybersecurity
  • Facilitate Citizen Engagement in Government Innovation
  • Use Technology to Improve Outcomes and Drive Government Accountability

Seizing the TechHire Opportunity in Rural America, New Coding Bootcamp in Madison County NC

"Madison County, NC will collaborate with local universities and partners like Tech Talent South to offer accelerated tech training through a new coding bootcamp, TechRamp Madison. 
The 13-week program will prepare graduates for jobs with regional and global technology employers who have committed to the region, including Digital Information Systems (DISYS), Epsilon, Inc. and Tata-BSS." 

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Social Engagement - Liking, Commenting, and Sharing

Social engagement with your friends and family often involves social media tools where you can like, comment, and share.

Do you effectively use social media?

Another class is coming at the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) in Asheville on July 30th.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Facebook: More Effective Communication Tool Than Email

Dan (Asheville contractor) and Jim Pendergrass (PHCCNC Executive Director)
Skilled trades require effective communication tools.  

At a recent presentation in Asheville, local plumbing, heating-cooling contractors were informed of a workforce development program to assist their trade with developing future jobs in the Asheville Metro Area with training, education, and networking opportunities.  

What is an effective communication technology tool for PHCC?  Facebook!  

Remember to also use key hashtags too.  #GreatJobsWNC2020 

Rural Yancey County in NC is experiencing "staggering economic and social benefits"

Buncombe County - 0% of population without broadband accessibility, but not as high of an 'adoption rate' as other metro counties in NC.

Yancey County (northeast of Buncombe / Mt Mitchell area) is experiencing 'staggering economic and social benefits' because of their newly implemented 'gigabit service.' Additionally, " the county is attracting telecommuters and “lifestyle entrepreneurs” who relocate to the area because they prefer to live in the natural beauty of the western NC mountains."

Friday, June 17, 2016

Barbie has a new career as a game developer

It's true, you too can be a game developer just like Barbie, because it involves:

  • Story-telling
  • Art & graphic design
  • Audio design
  • Computer programming
  • Teamwork with others that are creative and understand technology, math

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Vortex donuts food trend sprinkles the Internet with culinary delight

A picture is worth a 1000 words.  Instragram, Pinterest, Facebook, Google+ and many more are wonderful tools to share your images.

Me, I'm grateful that I haven't seen too many pictures of the infamous Vortex donuts in Asheville.  ;)

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Asheville's journalism is making a shift to digital, but the tech industry is reaping the benefits

Tech savvy journalists need the digital world and I like news content tailored to my individual interests; with some occasional odd news topics and supporting videos.

Although the Google News App is my preferred news content curator because it allows customization and positive (thumbs up) or negative (thumbs down) topic reader input, I believe newspapers and journalists should be compensated more by the tech industry.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Bye-bye Apple Maps and Mail: iOS 10 will let you delete (most) stock apps

Coming with iOS 10, the ability to delete Apple Maps and Mail.

I have them in my folder named Crapple.

Now I can make more room for the apps, podcasts, music, photos, and videos that I treasure.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Brews and Views at Highland Roof

Asheville should be very proud of what Oscar and Leah Wong have done to this former textile mill and movie production facility.

Solar power for the operations, view and brews for the locals and guests!

Roof Top Bar at Highland Brewing Company
More details and pictures at:

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Mom uses Siri to save toddler's life

Her iPhone was out of reach on an emergency so she yelled 'hey Siri.'

Remember to enable both 'hey Siri' and 'ok Google.'

Monday, June 6, 2016

In Charlotte, foreign workers replace Americans in tech roles

Political flash point:
  • Employers say it helps them fill jobs that draw too few qualified applicants. 
  • Critics say some companies abuse it, replacing Americans with foreign tech workers willing to work for less.

Read more here: 

Pet-sitting company sues couple for $1 million over bad review

OMG!  Our business world can be crazy!  ;)

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Blogging For Fun & Profit with Frank Jones at WordCamp Asheville

Blogging is even more fun when you make a profit.

Many thanks to +Frank Jones for his presentation at #WCAVL.

Blogging needs to have a business strategy; even for non-profits and for cause marketing.

How to 10x income in 3 months by Frank C Jones

New Google Project Aims to Put the AI in “Artist”

Art in the beholder of the intelligence?

Michelangelo’s “Creation of Adam,” processed through Google DeepDream (image via Kyle McDonald/Flickr)

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

If Texas town erects selfie statue because it's 2016; what would be Asheville's statue version?

Asheville North Carolina metro area has way too many scenic views and beautiful sunsets.

I believe that we don't take as many selfies here.

Why?  Instead, we take scenic pictures of our wonderful environment with the Appalachian Mountain peaks in the background with our 'land of the sky' clouds.  No statue needed here!  ;)

But wait?  A steward of the streets of Asheville?  Abby the Spoon Lady?  Her busker contributions to the world?  Bronze statue on Wall Street; designated as one of the busker areas?

I LIKE this idea!